Chinese famous Leather Brand

We develop and produce a large number of different styles of leather materials
widely used in automotive, furniture, sofas, daily necessities and other fields

Leather/fabric material

Professional service in the automotive interior modification, upgrading and renovation factory, has a wealth of supporting experience.
we are large-scale factory manufacturing service provider in the whole industry chain in China
which can provide one-stop leather processing technology
such as embossing and marking logo, embroidery, punching, sewing and composite sponge processing services.

Design for you

We have designed tens of thousands of leather sewing designs, only need to select from them, we can quickly produce, customer satisfaction with the leather processing technology.


Types of style


Happy Clients

Our service

Solve the problem of workshop production
leather quilting\embroidery\embossing…

We welcome the automotive interior modification and upgrading stores
to provide us with door panels dashboard central bow and other automotive parts
after dismantling and send them back together with the car seat leather cover
after upgrading so as to become our high-quality partners


We are able to supply the car seat leather cover and floor mat of the 1:1 version of the original car.  Customers only need to know how to install it to realize the service of upgrading the interior of the car. At the same time, we also produce a large number of leather products for e-commerce leather products which can not only provide printing services, but also provide design services